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Cody Townsend

(webstagram) Man, these things just keep cranking out. New Episode of @the.fifty.project is live! (link in bio) Skiing the most iconic mountain in the world that probably no one can name...the infamous Wilson Peak, the peak most known for being plastered on the cans of the most watery beer in the world, Coors Light. Photo: @westonshirey . @salomonfreeski @swatchandsports @yeti


Cody Townsend

(webstagram) There were other ways around, but as they say, “Why take the bridge just to your left when you can walk barefoot through a frozen creek to get a shot for an edit” From back in Oz with the @lebent_ crew. Photo: @mattwisemanmedia


Cody Townsend

(webstagram) 8 years ago today this little lady said 'I do''s been war ever since. Kidding of course but in a weird way, this little lady pushes me in no way every person ever has and it's made every aspect of life better. I couldn't have been luckier to marry such a beautiful and bad ass lady. A true partner in every aspect of life. She my ride-or-die for life. Love you and happy anniversary @elysesaugstad! 📸: @blakejorgenson @micaheli


Cody Townsend

(webstagram) Still eerily dry up in Tahoe. At least the biking is still damn fun on my favorite trail in Tahoe. 23 miles of DH glory. @swatchandsports @hestragloves @ibiscycles


Cody Townsend

(webstagram) If you’ve been following along my stories, you’ve probably seen a lot of this. Walking to the top of @squawalpine with a heavy pack. It’s called “training” I suppose. Hopefully it works for this upcoming season. While I’d love to share my tricks and tips, I don’t really know what I’m doing compared to the mountain trainers like @stevehouse10. More than anything it’s a good excuse to visit Shane’s memorial on the weekly. That’s been nice. @salomonfreeski @swatchandsports @smithoptics


Cody Townsend

(webstagram) Tahoe People: Saturday, Nov. 16th, Tahoe Art Haus (@tahoearthaus). Premiere of PEAK OBSESSION a @the.fifty.project short film with @jeremyjones and I, along with 7 Stages of Blank from @blankcollectivefilms. Two showings, 5:00pm and 8:00pm with both movies included with one ticket. Plus some Q&A with myself and the directors and star of @blankcollectivefilms @jeffthomascreative and @alexigodbout_. Some of the deepest Tahoe pow in 7 Stages along with a hell of an adventure with Jer and I. Come out, gonna be a good way to fuel the fire for winter with some good old fashioned ski porn and adventuring.


Cody Townsend

(webstagram) Arguably one of the best parts of ski touring is the snacks. Chocolate, nuts, those gummy blocks that are pretty much just expensive gummy bears, chunks of cheese, those stroop waffle things, salami...I look forward to eating in the backcountry quite a lot. Hence why I named my production company "Summit Lunch Productions". @chrisrubens @hestragloves @smithoptics @salomonfreeski


Cody Townsend

(webstagram) Opening day is around the corner and @jeremyjones and I are taking a different tactic than @travisganong @brycebennett @jtholmesjr @myshellparker @c0nnery and @errolkerr to try and nab the first turns of the season at @squawalpine


Cody Townsend

(webstagram) I could've done @the.fifty.project with nothing but a GoPro and some buddies. It would've been a hell of a lot easier honestly to not solely manage putting out 20+ webisodes and movie in one year that's for sure. But there were moments, feelings, mountains and people that I believed to be special and wanted to share with you fine folks. People, moments and stories like in Episode 17. This episode alone, getting to share the stories of @lennecefer and @sacredstoke has refueled the fire to grind away on the computer, in the editing bay and in meeting after meeting to make this little (i.e. big) thing happen. Photo: @bjarnesalen @gfc_usa


Cody Townsend

(webstagram) I've never understood why skiers bicker with other skiers in an attempt to convince the other why their preferred form of skiing is better than someone else's preferred form of skiing. Personally, I've seen what gets my rocks off on snow change at least a half dozen times in the last decade. Which is to me the absolute beauty of skiing, there are so many ways to have fun from the moment you're learning to the day you hang them up for eternity. 📸: @bjarnesalen @salomonfreeski @swatchandsports @yeti


Cody Townsend

(webstagram) The boys @mspfilms just threw this up on their page (follow them they’re putting up so many rad clips these days) and it reminded me how much shit has changed. All the way back in 2010, when race boots and 198cm @salomonfreeski El Dictators were my jam, when hiking was still a bad word to me and sending was the only thing I wanted to do. This line is still possibly the most scared I’ve ever been before dropping in. Insane blind rollover to roaring slough to an exit air that I knew could be big but wouldn’t absolutely know till the moment I was airborne. Honestly, I surprised myself I rode away from this one. One of the bigger cliffs I’ve ever hit and it happened to be in the middle of a 2k’ AK spine line. Ah, the good old days, when my back didn’t hurt from doing stuff like this.


Cody Townsend

(webstagram) Episode 17 of @the.fifty.project is live! This episode, as I've already hyped up, is possibly my favorite to date because it's much bigger than just going up and coming back down mountains. It's a story that spans thousands of years yet is more relevant today than ever. I am so grateful to @lennecefer and @sacredstoke for imparting their wisdom about the place I love most...the mountains. Link to episode in my bio.⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .@salomonfreeski @swatchandsports @yeti


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