Elizabeth Fieser

And with that, the sun is setting on a beautiful chapter in my life. . I'm leaving San Francisco. . SF has been my basecamp for two years and has given me a plethora of memories and adventures. . With one of the most epic backyards, I've been able to find my soul in the mountains of the Eastern Sierra, my heart in the granite of Yosemite, my inspiration in the redwoods of Mt. Tam, my zen in the shadows of Mt. Shasta, my limits in the snow of Tahoe, and my balance in the waves of Stinson Beach, Santa Cruz, and Big Sur. . I've spent countless hours traversing the edges of the West Coast. Loading up Tiago (my car) and Scout for the weekend became a routine I was all too familiar with. I found bliss in communing with these wondrous places, places that I had grown to love so deeply. . I've encountered truly beautiful souls. Souls that have invigorated me, helped me grow, and filled me with a lust for life fueled by deep connection. These humans I will continue to hold close regardless of the miles because I know they are a part of my larger narrative. . I'm ecstatic for the horizon ahead and ready for the adventures to come! . But, I'm also deeply grateful for this chapter.


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OMG! This is so exciting! You weren’t kidding when you said we might be soul sisters LOL. A simultaneous move?!?


So proud of you!


The Columbine State?


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Beautiful 😍


Bonne route. Where will that next chapter take you? Back home or somewhere unknown?


Crush it and enjoy the experience!


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Congratulations on your next move!!


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Oooo where to??? ❤️


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